Virtual Tour


You’ll know you are here when you see the old red brick farmhouse.

Realizing that some people will not have the opportunity to join us for an open house, we have arranged this virtual tour so that you can visit our facility in the comfort of your home.

If you were to continue following the path (what’s left of it) . . . . .

. . . .  you would find our upper facility.

The kennel always did have quite a view.

Oh, and don’t worry about finding a place for your vehicle if you decide to come.  Just follow the lower driveway . . .

. . . pass the shed and into the field for some country style parking.

From here you would be able to see the surrounding landscape . . .

At the top of the driveway you will see the first of our two air conditioned and heated facilities.

To the left of the kennel we have our second fenced in area (known around here as the Honeymoon Suite).

To your immediate right you will notice our lower fenced in field.  It was built with the understanding that Swissys love nothing more than the great outdoors.  Weather permitting, this allows them the free range to play & exercise at their leisure.  “No bored or flabby pooches in this breeder’s home.”



. . . as well as our newest fenced in play area for our Swissys.

Welcome to Barton Manor.