TDI Exceptional Volunteer Achievement
“It is a big commitment to be a pet therapy dog.  Not only do you need to pass an initial test in order to get your pet therapy license (an keep it current every year) most of the places that you visit require additional testing.

In 2005 when the Buddy Brigade first started at the Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughters (CHKD)
there were over 100 dogs that tried out for a spot to join this volunteer organization.  We went thru additional extensive training in a mock set up patient room with an evaluator who brought her dog.  She brought her dog to make sure our dogs got along with hers and there was no dog/dog aggression.  I remember being a little nervous about the whole thing, but Baron did beautifully.  One of the little girls posing as a patient took a toy and bopped it on the top of Baron’s head.  He didn’t even flinch.  Then they leaned against him to stand up and he graciously obliged.  No problem with any of the big beeping equipment or getting into an elevator.  Many of the dogs DID NOT want to get into an elevator and they were immediately dismissed.  So, after over 100 dogs tried out, only 15 dogs passed the CHKD tests to be part of the Buddy Brigade.  Baron was one of them and is a founding member of the CHKD Buddy Brigade.  I am very proud of that.  It is a big deal, and something that not every dog can do.” . . . . Liz C.
Over 350 Therapy Visits!