In keeping with our open book policy we have created this page to give you a glimpse of where we whelp and raise our puppies for the first six weeks of their life.

We have converted our living room into our own personal maternity ward.  Here you will see our custom made whelping box. It provides our Mom’s a relaxed & spacious environment, while still being able to be included in the day to day activities of the family.

Even though we consider ourselves to be “old school” breeders, we take advantage of modern amenities to ensure we deliver our puppies safely.  In the above photo you can see our son Jimmy, our daughter Annie, and our grandkids using a doppler ultrasound to listen for heartbeats.

The wood burning fireplace provides added warmth and comfort for our Mom’s and their puppies on those cold winter nights. We also have three large incubators for any pups who might need a little extra TLC.